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Hi Cathie,

This appears to be due to a known bug, fixed in the Release FixPack (under old numbering what would have been known as the 19.0.1 patch), available on the Patches page on the support web site (http://support.spss.com). I've opened a support case for you and we will follow up to make sure that installing the FixPack resolves the issue.

David Nichols
IBM SPSS Support

From:        CATHIE ATKINSON <[hidden email]>
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Date:        01/18/2011 07:21 AM
Subject:        spss 19 and sas
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Hi all

I recently had spss 19 installed and when I ran a program to save out a sas dataset, the dataset did not save.  There was no error message either, I just happened to check the date on the file before I sent it to a sas user and discovered it was an older version.  There are several such statements in the syntax file and in checking I discovered none of the sas files were saved.  I've been using the syntax for some time with no problem in v 18, but here it is for reference:

SAVE TRANSLATE OUTFILE=  'l:\shared\com\stress.health\restricted\data\FSH1\data\system\FSHlong.sas7bdat'

Did something change?  I checked the reference file and couldn't see anything, but I may be just overlooking it.  If anyone knows what I need to do to fix this, I'd be grateful for the info!