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John F Hall

Sir Stephen 'Garry' Runciman, 3rd Viscount Doxford, eminent sociologist and classicist, died on 10 December.  He is succeeded as 4th Viscount by his son, Professor David Runciman, Trinity Hall, Cambridge.


He was the author of the influential book Relative Deprivation and Social Justice (RKP 1966) based on a national survey 1962-63 of the British adult population.  I have updated my page Relative Deprivation and Social Justice (https://surveyresearch.weebly.com/sn-28-relative-deprivation-and-social-justice-1962-63.html) to include links to his Wikipedia biography and to obituaries in The Guardian and Daily Telegraph.  The page also has details of my retrieval of his original raw data from multi-punched 80-column cards, amendments to 50-year old SPSS syntax and creation of SPSS *.sav and *.sps files, now deposited with the UK Data Service at Essex University.


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