"Data quality with SPSS" available as Kindle eBook.

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"Data quality with SPSS" available as Kindle eBook.

Dr. Christian Schendera's "Data quality with SPSS" now available as Kindle eBook.
This world-wide only book about data quality with SPSS provides you with a real Swiss Army knife:

● Learn about data quality
● Recognize data problems
● Understand consequences of data problems
● Solve data problems = establish data quality
● Communicate data quality

This book presents the most important criteria for data quality with SPSS:
Completeness, consistency, plausibility and how to deal with duplicates, missings and outliers.
And some more.

The book contains countless real-world examples, from typical dirty data desasters you find in the daily news to the interesting role of outliers in questioning original expectations regarding the ozone concentration over Antarctica.

German version also available.

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