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Dan Bauer
Hi Everyone -- Sorry for any cross-postings, but Patrick Curran and I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we will be offering six summer workshops in 2020 on a range of topics of interest to social, behavioral, and health researchers. This includes a new three-day offering of Structural Equation Modeling exclusively for graduate students at a steeply-reduced tuition rate of just $100 (admission is based on a random lottery).  Two workshops (Multilevel Modeling and Latent Class/Cluster Analysis & Mixture Modeling) provide demonstrations specifically in SPSS.
All of the workshops are held in Chapel Hill NC. These include:

Network Analysis
  --May 11 to 15 (Doug Steinley)

Structural Equation Modeling
  --May 11 to 15 (Bauer & Curran)

Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling
  --May 18 to 22 (Bauer & Curran)

Intro to Structural Equation Modeling for Grad Students
  --May 27 to 29 (Bauer & Curran)

Latent Class/Cluster Analysis & Mixture Modeling
  --June 1 to 5 (Bauer & Steinley)

Multilevel Modeling
  --June 8 to 12 (Bauer & Curran)

In addition to extensive lecture materials, we provide detailed computer demonstrations using a variety of software packages that vary by session and one-on-one time to talk about your own research applications. Please see curranbauer.org for complete details including course syllabi, sample notes, prior course reviews, and details on tuition and registration, including reduced tuition for students.

Thank you.... Dan & Patrick

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