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genlinmixed question

Maguin, Eugene

I’m running this model


genlinmixed /fields target=ngrants/target_options distribution=poisson link=log/

   fixed effects=wave cohort use_intercept=true/

   random use_intercept=true effects=wave subjects=rid



I’m getting this message


glmm: There is at least one invalid record in the last iteration. A record is invalid if there are errors in computing the inverse LOG link function, the log-likelihood, the gradient, or the Hessian matrix in the iterative process. No output will be displayed.

Execution of this command stops.


I’m confused by the “at least one invalid record” statement. I’d like to know what that statement means because it seems different, implies a different problem, from saying that “X” matrix is non-positive definite.


Thanks, Gene Maguin

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