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custom tables question

Deirdre Nissenson Kurzweil
i am a new(er) user -- just upgraded to 14.0 and just completed
intermediate training. feeling a little overwhelmed, so if anyone can
help me, i'd REALLY be grateful...

current problem:
i'm trying to run a table of % agree for each of these 150 or so
attributes by division (% off division).
i created a subtotal for agree and hid the agree strongly/agree
categories, but i found when i excluded the other categories that i
don't want (neither, disagree, disagree strongly), the column % ended
up being 100%. the only way i can get the correct # for agree is to
keep all the categories represented (i guess it removes the
categories you're excluding from the base).

so, the way i'm getting what i want is to manually go in an delete
the unwanted rows (and moving the label up to the agree row).  see
attached output (exported into word) -- i've done this horribly
tedious exercsie for q8 and q9 already but the rest (starting at q10)
shows what i'm working with... then i have to do this all over again
for the net: disagree (needs to be in a separate table).

i'm sure there's got to be some simple way to do this!
Deirdre Nissenson Kurzweil
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