Why strangely SPSS does not compute McDonald-Anderson-Rubin factor scores?

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Why strangely SPSS does not compute McDonald-Anderson-Rubin factor scores?

Kirill Orlov
In factor analysis (FA), Anderson-Rubin method of computation of factor scores is meant for orthogonal factors only.
If you do FA on some correlations of some data and obliquely rotate the extracted factors, so that they correlatte, the subsequently computed AR factor scores come out nevertheless uncorrelated.

It is well known that McDonald's factor scores, also known as McDonald-Anderson-Rubin factor scores, are the extension of Anderson-Rubin method applicable for oblique factors as well. The computed factor scores display correlations exactly equal to correlations between the factors - be the factors orthogonal or correlated. Some FA packages even just compute McDonald-Anderson-Rubin factor scores while calling them "Anderson-Rubin".

In SPSS Statistics, FACTOR does not (strangely!) compute McDonald-Anderson-Rubin factor scores. At least up to version 22 (I can't say of the later ones at this time).

What that might be - simply negligence? or some reason?

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