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Which test to use?

Hi all,
The hypothesis of my study is that different factors have an affect on the
formation of a certain geological formation. These formations are
categorized to 5 different types. The factors affecting the formations are
“sediment type” (1= clay, 2= sand….22  altogether) and “depth of the sample”
(from 9.9 m to 65 m). I have 88 samples. It is important to analyze the
different geological formations separately and this leads to rather small
sample sizes (7,11,12,13 and 45 samples in each of the 5 geological
formation categories).

I am confused which test in SPSS to use to get valid results. The variables
are categorical nominal (geological formations and sediment types) and scale
(depth). So far I have considered/tried different tests for all of the
samples together (88 samples). I tried using chi-square test since I have
nominal categorical variables but I realized that the data is not valid for
that test (48 cells (96,0%) have expected count less than 5. The minimum
expected count is ,04). For what I understand Fisher’s exact test is also
not possible..

I have considered One-way Manova but I’m pretty sure that the data I have
does not meet the requirements for that test either.. (For instance I don’t
have two or more variables at the interval or ratio level). SPSS version 22.

I am new to this and I would really appreciate any help.
Best Regards,


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