Scoring Wizard Applied to Cox Regression

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Scoring Wizard Applied to Cox Regression

Atai Winkler



I am having trouble reconciling the answers I obtain from the Scoring Wizard applied to the Cox regression model. To help me understand what is going on in the Wizard, I used the same set of variables in the /MAP and MODEL statements (see below). In this case I had expected the same answers (survival_prob and cum_hazard) from the Wizard as I got when I developed the model – after all I am using the same variables.


MODEL HANDLE NAME=survival_model



  /MAP VARIABLES=most_recent_intvn  no_ntes_since_mst_rcnt_te  no_prev_terminal_events_1  no_prev_terminal_events_2  no_prev_terminal_events_3

  MODELVARIABLES=most_recent_intvn  no_ntes_since_mst_rcnt_te  no_prev_terminal_events_1  no_prev_terminal_events_2  no_prev_terminal_events_3.

  COMPUTE survival_prob=APPLYMODEL(survival_model, 'PREDICT').

  COMPUTE cum_hazard=APPLYMODEL(survival_model, 'CUMHAZARD').


MODEL CLOSE NAME=survival_model.

Some of the values from the model and the Scoring Wizard are the same but I had expected ALL the answers to be the same.


So, why are only some of the answers the same? I can provide the model and a full dataset with explanation.


Thank you for your help.







Dr Atai Winkler

Principal Consultant
PAM Analytics


[hidden email]

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