SPSS syntax for data management course - January 2021 livestreamed online

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SPSS syntax for data management course - January 2021 livestreamed online

Christopher Stride
Tuesday 12 January 2021 - Data Management using SPSS syntax
  Learn how to work more efficiently and follow best practice in
managing your data - essential for any quantitative researcher!


Full details of the content for this course, testimonials from past
attendees, course timings, and booking forms are now available at

For details on future courses and general stats stuff, follow


Course fees are £250 per course, with a student rate of £175.

A further reduction of 15% on all bookings due to online delivery

You will receive the coursebook, and USB stick with course data files,
by post in advance of the course, unless you would rather have an e-version

Note that for UK participants, NCRM bursaries of up to 500 UK pounds may
be available to help fund your fees. Further details at

Course delegates will need to have their own laptop or PC with SPSS


If there are a number of people from your organisation looking for such
training, note that all of my SPSS and Mplus courses are also available
on an inhouse basis (i.e. provided just to a group from your
institution, at a date and time of your choosing). See
http://www.figureitout.org.uk <http://www.figureitout.org.uk> for
details of our inhouse and bespoke training.


Dr Chris Stride, C. Stat, Statistician, Institute of Work Psychology,
University of Sheffield, S10 1FL
Telephone: 0114 2223262


"Figure It Out"
Statistical Consultancy and Training Service for Social Scientists

Visit www.figureitout.org.uk for details of my consultancy services, and
forthcoming training courses, which are also available on an in-house basis:

- Data management using SPSS syntax
- Advanced SPSS syntax and SPSS macros
- Testing for Mediation and Moderation using SPSS
- Multi-level Modelling using SPSS
- Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling using Mplus
- Testing for Mediation and Moderation using Mplus
- Multi-level Modelling using Mplus
- Latent Growth Curve Modelling using Mplus

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[hidden email] (not to SPSSX-L), with no body text except the
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