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SPSS, research tool for learning is the work!

In educational research and therefore, in multidisciplinary subjects, if we
can use some methodologies that in the disruptive field can allow us to
visualize, not to focus, possible alternatives, especially qualitative (in
processes) that allow us to have alternatives to any personalized approach
and social that we have or not foreseen and for it using the SPSS tool, we
can collect it ...

Although these LOGISTIC REGRESSION models, we will do well, we will only use
it not as it is its standardized function, that is, as mere statistics, but
we will analyze these statistics to see which paths we can go at a certain
time , with which we will be prepared for any event, planned or not, which
we do not have now and which prevents us from reacting ...

This is one of the parts of our DISRUPTION, and that makes it so different
from others that seek to collapse or only change in a single theme, for
example, education.

While it is true that this "operation" always requires a stable variable, it
does not matter, we will use it but to modify the "free" variables, which
will serve as a basis, as a reference, but never as a decisive element.

This approach allows us to obviate variables that we do not want to use, so
for a formation of learning is the work (as I would like to have a name for
it), it will go fable since it will allow us to reach personalization in an
easier way.

This activity is totally DESCRIMINANT, so it will be a tool and an
appropriate procedure for our DISRUPTIVE EDUCATION.

For those who are obsessed with COMPETENCES, tell them that KNOWLEDGE AND
COMPETENCIES, they do not have to be related, since sometimes many knowledge
can be associated with a single competition, so that their spectrum is
greatly reduced.

For that reason we are clear that in our Dosruptive Education ( learning is
the work) the work and the continuous, ubiquitous and open training must be
constant, there is no other way.

There are different possibilities in its use, each one will take us down a
path according to the variables we want to use, therefore more inclusive,
open and ubiquitous, impossible:

We can use it through our own personalized autonomy and people, also in an
automated way, which will make the feedback and re-evaluation constant and

With all this we can even eliminate the processes that we have been carrying
out and initiate new ones that were not foreseen ( disruptive creation ).

However, whether we go forward or if we choose to go back,  SPSS
<https://tekslate.com/spss-training>   will allow us to choose us, with
which we will always have controlled the methodology, or ben in a personal
or automated way ( Artificial Intelligence) .

In definite, this qualitative research tool will serve us well, within our
research and subsequent practical proposals for society, education,

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