SPSS Training - London, UK - multilevel, mediation/moderation (PROCESS macro)

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SPSS Training - London, UK - multilevel, mediation/moderation (PROCESS macro)

Chris Stride
A pair of one-day quantitative methods training courses to be held in
June 2019, in London


Monday 24 June 2019 - Testing for Mediation and Moderation using SPSS
  at LSE, London
  Learn to test mediation and moderation type models using the PROCESS
macro in SPSS

Tuesday 25 June 2019 - Multilevel Modelling using SPSS
  at LSE, London
  An introduction to multilevel modelling, and how to do it in SPSS software

Full details of the content and suggested pre-requisites for each
course, testimonials from past attendees,
venue location directions, course timings, and booking forms are now
available at


Course fees are £225 per course, with a student rate of £175.
A further reduction of £50 on the total fee is available to anyone
booking on to multiple courses.

Note that for UK participants, NCRM bursaries of up to 500 UK pounds may
be available to help fund your fees.
Further details at http://www.ncrm.ac.uk/TandE/bursary/

Course delegates will need to bring their own laptops with SPSS
installed - any version from v18 onwards is fine


If London is too far to travel and/or there are a number of people from
your organisation looking for such training, note that these courses are
also available on an inhouse basis in the UK, Europe and Worldwide (we
have done Australia and New Zealand so nowhere is too far!). See
http://www.figureitout.org.uk for details of our inhouse and bespoke

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