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SAS password protected file to SPSS

Martn Sherman

Dear list: I received an email from a colleague who is attempting to open up a SAS data file (password protected) into a SPSS data file. She has run into major problems.

Here are her comments;


“We tried to transfer it over to SPSS.  Many different ways – all of them unsuccessful.

Everything from trying to just trying to open it up as a SAS file in SPSS, to using  the export option in SAS, to even trying to use the trial sample of Stat/Transfer (I'm not sure if the last one failed  due to my lack of proficiency with the program or the fact the datafile is password protected.)


Several times it would look like we had gotten the file open OK (minus the value labels).  For instance, with the first option listed above we were able to even recode some variable and save the file -- only to have it perform in ways I have never seen an SPSS file perform when we tried to work with it some more a few days later.  At that second point we were unable to save anything to the file -- receiving a series of error messages ranging from file read errors to catastrophic processor errors.

It seems clear to me that we need to go back to the original SAS file and start again.  I don’t know if either of you have any SAS proficiency and could direct me towards any SAS to SPSS sources that might help me because I am clearly floundering in getting this dataset over to SPSS.


Thanks for any ideas you might have. “



Has anyone run into a similar problem and was able to solve it?  Thanks,  martin sherman


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