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John F Hall



This is a bit outside my statistical competence, so I’ve copied your query to the SPSS list.  Someone better qualified than me will give you good advice.  Good luck with your thesis.


John F Hall (Mr)

[Retired academic survey researcher]


Email:   [hidden email] 


SPSS start page:


From: Souissi Fayrouz [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: 24 February 2017 15:32
To: [hidden email]
Subject: Journeys in survey research


Hi Professor Hall, 


This is Fay from Peking University. I am writing because I saw your website and you seem to be an expert in SPSS analysis and syntax. 


I am writing my master thesis and I have a question : my results of a mixed-anova showed a significant interaction effect and I wanted to know:


Which post hoc analysis I 'd better use as my 2 main effects are not sign and only my interaction is? 


How can use the syntax correctly if I want to do a simple effect tests? It keeps showing me this error message : >Error # 701 in column 8.  Text: score 

>An undefined variable name, or a scratch or system variable was specified in a 

>variable list which accepts only standard variables.  Check spelling and 

>verify the existence of this variable. 

>Execution of this command stops.


Thank you in advance for replying to my email. 


Best regards, 



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Re: Journeys in survey research

Art Kendall
Please provide more details about what your anova variables are.
How many design variables are there? Just 2?
How many levels does each have?
Are any of the variables some form of repeated measure?
How many dependent variables do you have?

What is your syntax? If you are using the GUI to draft your syntax, exit the dialog via <paste> to see your syntax.
Art Kendall
Social Research Consultants