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David Marso-2
Assuming you are running:

At the bottom of the file notice the SAVE command within the MATRIX program?

Change both file references to something which is a valid file name

save results /outfile= 'C:\TEMP\screedata.sav' / var=root rawdata means percntyl .

end matrix.

* plots the eigenvalues, by root, for the real/raw data and for the random data.
GET file= 'C:\TEMP\screedata.sav'.
TSPLOT VARIABLES= rawdata means percntyl /ID= root /NOLOG.

Next time you would do well to post the link to the source you are running.
Also take note of ALL error messages.

>Error # 34 in column 24.  Text: screedata.sav
>SPSS Statistics cannot access a file with the given file specification.  The
>file specification is either syntactically invalid, specifies an invalid
>drive, specifies a protected directory, specifies a protected file, or
>specifies a non-sharable file.
>Execution of this command stops.
------ END MATRIX -----

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