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OT Reading large and small numbers in news

Art Kendall
This is the kind of habit that should be included in a class about thinking
with numbers. Millions and billions as well millionths and billionths are
often not readily grasped.

I sometimes talk to people interested in social issues and public policy
about difficulties in dealing with large and small numbers. I  suggest that
when people see numbers like this in the news they write out the arithmetic
*even without doing the calculation.*  To aid perception, it is important to
vertically align the decimal point. It also helps to cross out trailing zero
as long as it is done in both numerator and denominator.

    86,100,000 /
3,500,000,000 =

    861 /
35000 =


Art Kendall
Social Research Consultants
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Art Kendall
Social Research Consultants