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Nabble connection to SPSSX-L

I'm the friendly list owner of SPSSX-L.  But maybe not just now ...

I have already sent this to the Nabble folks, but some of you may need to
know about this as well:

I will be retiring in a few months, and with that, will probably be
returning list ownership to the site administrator.  Before that is done,
and because I do not wish them to take on any more duties than they
already will, I will alter the SPSSX-L list header to disallow all
non-subscribers.  In truth, with exceptions, most of what comes in (NOT
from Nabble) from non-subscribers is spam, and everything except from
Nabble is being discarded.

If you have been posting via Nabble, you will need to subscribe.  If you
don't want the mail, you may read the archives (and reply) via the web
interface at

But you will need a password (bots were getting to be too much)
[hidden email]

To manage your subscription to SPSSX-L, send a message to
[hidden email] (not to SPSSX-L), with no body text except the
command. To leave the list, send the command
For a list of commands to manage subscriptions, send the command