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Multiple response in SPSS and other methodology uploads

John F Hall

I've recently uploaded some additional materials to my website.  Listers will be mainly interested in the Multiple response item, but teachers and survey researchers may appreciate the data and documentation files for Quality of Life in Britain (which include facsimile original questionnaires, user manuals and restored SPSS saved files for all surveys) and also the Methodology and training items.  All materials are available for free download.

John Hall


Methodology and training

1 Feb 2010
Documents relating to methodology and training (research centres, research careers and training needs)

Multiple response

28 Jan 2010 
Introduction to multiple response questions, different coding practices and the use of SPSS command MULT RESPONSE to analyse the data.

Quality of Life in Britain

17 Jan 2010
Details of all four Quality of Life in Britain surveys conducted between 1971 and 1975 by Mark Abrams and John Hall of the SSRC Survey Unit.  The abstracts contain details of content, sampling, fieldwork and available data files.  The questionnaires are facsimiles of the actual questionnaires used in the field.  The user manuals contain questionnaires, unweighted frequency counts on the raw data as well as technical information on fieldwork, sampling, coding, show-cards and interviewer instructions.  The SPSS saved files are restorations for SPSS for Windows from the original 1970s SPSS setup files.