Is There a Fix For: Error #1400 In Put Error When Reading Case

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Is There a Fix For: Error #1400 In Put Error When Reading Case

Boyd, Christopher
I have a relatively large several million record file.  The original
data was taken from a DBF file that was converted from MS Access.

I have done some data-manipulation on this file, such as converting
dates, sorting cases, some simple calculations. I extracted sample cases
to get a more "manageable" size to test my syntax to restructure the
data.  Now, when I try to perform any action on the "original" file, I
get the following error, for example:

Error # 1400. Command name : sort cases by
Input Error when reading a case
This command not executed

Command Name: Cross tabs
Input error when reading a case
This command is not executed.

There is no indication as to what case or cases are causing this

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

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