Introducing SPSS forums on DeveloperWorks

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Introducing SPSS forums on DeveloperWorks

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IBM SPSS Support introduces DeveloperWorks Forums

SPSS Technical Support is proud to introduce user forums on IBM DeveloperWorks. These IBM hosted forums are available via IBM’s DeveloperWorks on a range of topics specific to SPSS product users. SPSS Statistics Technical staff will put forth effort to monitor Statistics forums for correct information. Please join us!

Anyone can read the contents of an IBM forum without registration. You must be registered in order to post in a forum. To register, visit and select register from the upper right hand corner of the screen.

If you want to be notified when there is activity in a particular forum or for a particular topic, you can put a watch on it (if you are registered). SPSS Forums can be found at

For detailed information on IBM’s Business Analytics Support, please visits the BA microsite located at In particular, the video ‘How to do everything on’ located in the lower left hand corner of the microsite, provides useful information on how to do common support tasks on