Install client as network getting error 7001 sym 18 when launching Statistics

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Install client as network getting error 7001 sym 18 when launching Statistics

I have installed SPSS/Statistics or Amos versions 19.0 and above as network
and point to the server for license. The SLM is running on the server with
license. When I launch Statistics on the Client, I receive one of the
following errors:

Error # 7001
There is no license for  SPSS Statistics
<>  .
This command not executed.
Specific symptom number: 18

No valid license for Amos was found. (1, 18)

*Clementine / Modeler:*
No license key found: Sub-code 18

Resolving the problem

/The is happened for a few reasons:/
1. Verify make sure you do have permission to the product. To ensure that,
try to right click on Statistics shortcut and choose Run As Admin.

2. Even if you are installed Statistics as network, there might be an
invalid license on the local drive. To ensure that, try to navigate to
Statistics install directory (c:\program files\ibm\spss\statistics\21)
Find and open spssprod.inf with Notepad.
Check to make sure DaemonHost= is pointing to the server
Find and open LSERVRC with Notepad. Make sure it is nothing in it.

3. On the server, open wlmadmin or the Server Admin.
Check under the subnet server and expand the server's name.
Verify make sure there is feature code 1200 210 (for v21) This represent the
base which the client is first to look for. If you don't have 1200 then
there is something wrong with the code. Give your authorization code to tech
or client care to have them return the code and add the Base feature 1200 to
Then rename or delete LSERVRC on the server.
Find and right click on LAW.exe and choose Run As Admin to activate again.
You should get new LSERVRC.
Restart SLM services
Check wlmadmin again to make sure you do have 1200
Launch Statistics on the client again.

Source :  IBM <>  

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