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jesus Pastor

I am a student of zootecnia and I need to make a decision as for 2
strategies to my tesis.
I have the a data from a study of growth in pigs during 30 days after the
wean.  I have three different diets and I start of the experiment with 20
pigs of each corral are selected and the weight of each one of the 20 pigs
selected is registered initially, in each one of the days.  The weight of
pigs were registered to the 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30 days after the wean.
The objective of this experiment was to determine if some of the three diets
had some effect in the answer (weight’s pigs).

I need: Evaluate  two strategies and I need choose the most adequate one.

Strategy 1:  It is suggested to consider the dates of measurement
(0,6,12,18,24 and) as a factor (day) and to analyze the data by means of a
model factorial, with factors to:Diets  Day (0,6,12,18,24 and 30).

Strategy 2:  A graphic of the data shows that the growth continues a
quadratic form in function of the days.  It is suggested to adjust a
quadratic curve for each animal and to analyze by means of an analysis of
varianza the effects of processing on the quadratic, lineal coefficients and
I intercept.

¿ Which are the differences between both strategies?.  Please if someone can
help me.

Thank very much

Jesus P.

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