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GUI Development with reimbursement

Georg Maubach
Hi Listers,

I have written an SPSS Syntax program making extensive use of SPSS
macros that help to configure the syntax program. For the configuration
section I need a graphical user interface. SPSS has developed a solution
to use SPSS Syntax with Python. Due to a lack in ressources I would like
to ask if you could develop the GUI interface for me.

The GUI interface shall:

First screen:
1. Present 3 logos to the user in the headline and footer of the dialog
2. The program should read a configuration file having predefined
3. Offer a dialog box where the user can choose the dataset that should
be analysed

Second screen:
4. Present 3 logos to the user in the headline and footer of the dialog
5. Read the variables of the dataset and select 3 sets of variables and
present them to the user. The user shall be able to select the variables
which shall be analysed using check boxes.
6. The user shall be able to configure some other settings by typing in
the settings, e. g. country to be analysed.
7. The user should be able to changed all pre-configurations from the
configuration file.
8. All configurations made should be tansformed to SPSS macros.

As far as I can see it should be sufficient to use Tkinter for the
implementation of the GUI. The configuration file should be a file
created by the pickles mechanism. The SPSS configuration section and a
layout as an MS Word document will be provided.

The program is needed to be ready by next Friday, 18th August 2006. I
will reimburse you with Euro 250,-- for your development time.

If you are interested in developing the GUI or if you have any questions
please email me at g.maubach(at)

Best regards

Georg Maubach