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Correlation Output

Lei Gao-3
Dear List:
Thanks for all the help and the wonderful CTABLE tool that you've
enlightened me on.
Anyways, currently I am running a correlation syntax which looks like:
  /VARIABLES=Var1 with Var2 Var3 Var4 Var5 Var6 (and so on)

So the out put would be a vertical descriptive stats table first :
         Mean    StdDev     N
Var1    x             x          x
Va2     x             x          x
Then a horizontal correlation table:
                                               Var 1        Va2   ......

Var1 Pearson Correlation    |        x       |      x
Sig (2 Tailed)                     |        x       |      x  
N                                      |        x       |      x
Is there a way to combine the two tables automatically so it will simply
give me on table with Pearson Correlation, Mean, Significance, and
Standard Deviation on the same table? I don't know if correlation is
something that can be done on CTABLES or not. What we used to do is out
put this in to Excel and then invert one of the tables, but that's just
too time consuming.

Thanks in Advance!
Lei Gao
[hidden email]