Baseline Hazrd Function in Cox Regression

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Baseline Hazrd Function in Cox Regression

Atai Winkler



I am doing a Cox Regression and I need to recover the baseline hazard function at each time.


When I use the option in the CoxReg procedure


  /OUTFILE=TABLE (survival_table)


the table ‘survival_table’ with six fields with lables is produced


SUR_0                   Baseline survival function

SUR_M                 Survival function at the mean

SE_0                      Baseline standard error of survival

SE_M                    Std.  error of survival at the mean

HAZ_0                   Baseline cumulative hazard function

HAZ_M                 Cumulative hazard function at the mean


Is the baseline hazard function at time t given by HAZ_M(t) – HAZ_M(t-1)?


If this is wrong, how do I calculate the baseline hazard?


Thank you.





Dr Atai Winkler

Principal Consultant

PAM Analytics


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