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About Interactive Bar Charts - labelling & sorting

Karl Koch

I have an interactive bar chart (with several bars and error bars for each).

1) I wouild like to edit the text of the individual bars, but somehow SPSS does not allow me to do that in the window. Is this only possible via syntax and if so, couild somebody provide a short super simple example?

2) I also would like to sort the bars (6 of them) by sorting the first 3 of them in one group and the other 3 in another group - so it looks like this:

|                  X
|       X       X  X
|    X  X       X  X
| X  X  X    X  X  X

Does somebody know a piece of syntax for that?

Could somebody point me to a good website that generally provides a good overview/examples to SPSS syntax for creating graphics, so that I can get more then from just using the user interface?

Best Regards,


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